Manhattan offers a range of free services allowing our Customers
to enjoy the comfort and convenience of our offer.


















Information Desk

Punkt informacyjny Manhattan
  • Manhattan Customer Card
  •  „Rewards for receipts” competition:   registration, verification of receipts,
  • collection of rewards
  • appointments with a personal shopper 
  • information about shops
  • information about promotions 
  • assistance in finding the right products  
  • information about public transport 
  • promotional brochures from shops  
  • information about cultural offer 
  • taxi booking 

Taxi booking

Zamawianie taksówek

A taxi rank is right next to Manhattan – facing Partyzantów Street.   


Car park

Manhattan parking

Entry to the car park is via Partyzantów Street. The car park at Manhattan offers 360 parking spaces in downtown Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz. 



Parking for people with disabilities  

Manhattan Parking dla niepełnosprawnych

Manhattan has parking bays especially designed to suit people with disabilities, located near entrances to the lifts.    


Free parking on Sundays


Parking at Manhattan is totally free every Sunday.


Bicycle parking

Manhattan Parking rowerowy

The Gdańsk Manhattan provides a free bicycle parking area for Customers. This specially guarded zone can accommodate 17 bicycles at the same time.

Bicycles can be left on the centre’s ground floor, from Grunwaldzka Avenue. While you shop, your bicycle is guarded by a dedicated security employee.


Parent room

Manhattan Pokój rodzica z dzieckiem

Parents can use a fully equipped room where they can comfortably feed their babies, change their nappies and perform other baby hygiene routines. It’s a place where parents can have some private time with their children. 





Green Roof and Observation Deck  


Manhattan has a unique feature: the Green Roof with an observation deck on the 4th floor, the uppermost observation deck in the area giving panoramic views of downtown Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz.


The Green Roof also accommodates a patio cafe. 




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